Friday, April 14, 2006

WOA! Yesterday i was very tired, so i didn't post this very important blog online until today. Yesterday, is a day which i should remeber for the rest of ma life, Is the council BBQ! Where we really have fun there. At night, it was awsome man! The out going excecetive commitee member put up a mini concert which was fantastic man! They have drums, electric guitar, keyboard and many more!!! They sing and dance and everything! WOA! Jasmin dress until very pretty that day! Orh, NO! She is pretty all the times, but yesterday was best man!LOL! So is the other members, Nicholas, Bee Emm, Xavier, Joel, Sebastini, Fang Yong(pardon spelling errors).Oh Ya! Most of the instruments, or maybe all of it is from fang yong! WOA! I really did enjoyed myself yesterday night, was screaming and cheering the entire night, jumping up and down. but when everything is over, i was very sad. There will not be any more jasmin's batch of councillor(Graduating councillor). Jasmin! Your batch of councillors are the most fun kind of people. I love all of you! You guys make the council so enjoyable to stay. Still remembering that time when i was frist introduce into the council, i was so alone, until jasmin u come to me and talk to me. You are there for me everytime i feel sad, there was a time where i really felt like quiting, coz i was the only one there, most of my classmates left the council, accept me.But you are the one who bring me through all this obstacles.
Bee Emm! Still remember that time before the council training camp, i was wanting to quit too, but u told me to reconsider, so i did.
Nicholas and Xavier! I wanted to quit too, but you guys said i went all the way so up, if i were to quit, everything will be gone. And asked me to seriously not to quit the council. So i didn't.
Fang Yong!(PSE) Still remembering during the training camp, you were there to make us felt so cool! Without you, there won't be any mini concert yesterday.
Sebastini! Still remembering secondary one orientation camp 2005, you is ma facilitator, you make me pass and even accompany me through all the programmes there.
Joel! Although you always shouted at us, but i know you did all this because of our own good right? Still remembering that time during valentine's day 2006, you gave all of us a cookie, i still have that cookie with me, i haven eat yet. Everytime i look at the cookie it makes me think of all of you.
Jasmin, Nicholas, Joel, Bee Emm, Xavier, Fang Yong(PSE) And Sebastini! You guys are the best! Jasmin, Thanks for your shells, i know you gave it to all the upcoming execetive committee only... But you make one for me too.. i will keep it with me forever! Thank you Jasmin Wong Pei Yun! LOL! You are the best.
Best of luck to all your studies people. Hope that we could keep in touch even you have graduated. Thank You!

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

HEY PEEPS! Finally, is ma turn to annouce this, I CHANGE MA PHONE NUMBER LIAO!!! Ask me when i am online than i tell u ma NEW Phone number..OK?!

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Catch Your Wave
In the middle of the night
That's when you caught my eye
I chased you round in memories
Through the breeze and trees and you tease me
But hey
The clock's turning around
And you're still playing these games
It's such a waste to bring me down, down, down
Don't bring me down cause
Hey girl,I wanna catch your wave
Hey girl,I wanna drift away with you
Hey girl,you've got an undertow
Hey girl,hey girl, don't wanna let you go
When I turned sixteen
That's when I started to dream
I chased you round in memories
Throuh the breeze and the trees and you tease me
But hey
Well every princess has her night
And I'm still in it for the fight
Not givin in, I'm gonna win, win, win
I'm gonna win cause
Hey girl,I wanna catch your wave
Hey girl,I wanna drift away with you
Hey girl,you've got an undertow
Hey girl,hey girl don't wanna let you go
I'm never gonna let you go
Hey girl,I wanna catch your wave
Hey girl,I wanna drift away with you
Hey girl,you've got an undertow
Hey girl,hey girl, dont wanna let you
Hey girl,I wanna catch your wave
Hey girl,I wanna drift away with you
Hey girl,you've got an undertow
Hey girl,hey girl, don't wanna let you
Hey girl,hey girl don't wanna let you go
I'll never let you go Alright
Copyright 2004-2005 The Click Five 4 Life

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Friday, March 31, 2006

I think is the starting of my bad luck days.... Yesterday night ignatius use the same MSN display picture as mine. Is like i ask him to send me the song, than he say ok, but the condition is that i have to send him ma display picture, i thought for wat la...Now i noe, copy me! This is the second time liao lo, for your information. Is like i send him the display picture, hoping that will recive the song from him, because u noe, picture send faster de ma, than after he recived, i cancel the sending of songs, so is like he get ma pic, i don have his songs.DU LAN RIGHT?! Than after that this moring, i woke up at 7.00am!!! LATE! Very late, quickly bath liao than rush to LRT station, luckly still can meet Pei Ying.. If not, DIE! Than in early in the morning, when i pull the flag, i was having a stomachache! Than when pullling, the flag is tangle! In class, The whole class laugh at me just because Mr. Aljunied said that 98.7fm is a trash! Than i got very angry la of course! Hello, does he know that he can get sue just for ruining 987fm reputation?!Than when i get home, my mother said i am not allow to buy a new phone, which is 7370 stated at ma wish list. She say i have to finish the money inside the card first...SIAN TIAO LA! I sit in my room, alone for the whole afternoon-night. Without the lights on, door close, dark very dark, i stay inside just to make sure i am calm... After that than i come out and have my dinner... IT ALL STARTED FROM IGNATIUS, NOW WHEN WILL IT END?! GOD! HELP ME!!!!I WAN MA PHONE!!NOKIA 7370!!! I AM COMING~~~

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Today is a tuesday, something which i am kinda angry about. I was thrown by a silver coloured thing which is wrapped by some kinda tape by syazwan. Worst thing is that he pushed all the blames at the innocent yoke heng who happened to stand there packing up his bag. Is like wad the la! For nothing you are thrown by a stupid little hard thing from the a corner of the classroom! Haiz, never mind. Than after that when i came home after school, i bath and use the computer. Than ma parents came back and scolded me for using the computer, is like i am fixing campusmoblog account la. They were the one who causes all the trouble, they "cut" my handphone plan, and for godness sake i am fixing it, they scolding me for their wrong!My god la! Than i get very fatup and shut the computer off, i bang the door and stay inside there and revise my geography as that is my worst subject. My mum came in alot of times and ask if i'am hungry, i continued revising ma work,not even talking to her. She was the one who nagged all the way and scolded me la! Now she wanna talk to me?! Haiz, never mind la. I WANNA CHANGE MY PHONE NUMBER AND GET A NEW NOKIA 7370 HANDPHONE! Can someone help me fix ma campusmoblog????????? AHHH!

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Monday, March 27, 2006

The only thing i can say, is that "yes!" i do know that some of your classmates don't like me, i donnoe why...Is just that kinda feeling...You can feel that kind of feeling decended upon you only when it happened to you, than it will seems to me that you know excatly how i feel right now. Is kinda obvious just for your information. Maybe i am guessing it wrong or maybe i get the wrong idea, but it seems to me that some of you just don't like me, accept for some, majority of you kinda avoid me, but why?
Whether is true anot i don't care, most importantly is that you know how i feel right now. Not very sure who the hell say things behind me, but whatever it is, i think is not going to be true, if you wanna listen to that person rather than knowing the fact yourself, is up to you, seriously! "I am seriously very disappointed, i cried."

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Me & carrie Chong!

My god~~
My Favorite 98.7Fm Logo!
The 98.7fm Charity Car Wash!
Ma 98.7Fm Radio Presenter badge!

Just Love This Picture, This Represent ME!;p

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Today was a sunday... Went for a breakfast with my parents. Everything was going A Ok...Than i used the computer, i found out that my blog picture doesn't appear, so i decided to change it, the one with the 98.7fm Logo... While i was using the computer, my parents went to Lot 1..Than i suddenly found out that i have not buy my investiure Clothes and shoes...Than i immedietly switched off the com and look for them. When i showed them what i need, they told me that my brother have all of it. No point buying! But at least we still get a chance to go to the handphones shop and search for phones, U noe what i want? Nokia 7370, but very expensive, No contract need to pay 500++!!! But eventually i found joseph NEW phone, the sony ericson one, $188!
I didn't get to get a new phone...LOL! But my dad say next month...Coz have to wait for my new one to expire...LOL! SO..peeps! I am changing number!(hope so) I wanted to go to bugis...To get my favorite D.C Bag, but no time..Sad... kk... Now i have to let my parent sign ma progress report..i don dare!! HOW?! StReSs!!!!!

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Today, 25th of march 2006. Justin found out that Ms goh type something in his Cbox. Straight Away the Gou Zai Dui is down for inspection! And for real we found out that Ms goh have being talking to justin lately! Is the teachers tracking everyone's Blog? If is true, People, Publish your complains!! LOL!
For now, we just hope that the teachers will look at our complains posted in our blogs! HAHA! Stay Gou Zai! LOL! This is wilson lai reporting LIVE for Channel newsasia Singapore @ Blogspot! LOL! JK!

-Wilson Lai( Radio Presenter)
“狗仔对" Reporter.(lol)

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